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Sea Gals Auditions to be Held at Qwest Field

Posted Mar 23, 2010

Two dance workshops to be held next week in preparation for auditions

RENTON, Wash. - The Seattle Seahawks are now accepting applications for the 2010 Sea Gals sideline dance squad. The four-stage auditions will take place at Qwest Field beginning on Saturday, April 10, with the final competition and live webcast, hosted by Tony Ventrella, on Sunday, April 18.

The 2010 squad will consist of 24 - 32 members and will be announced at the end of the competition.

Applicants are judged in three categories: dance ability, physical appearance and showmanship. Interested persons must be at least 18 years of age and have obtained a high school diploma or equivalent by August 31, 2010.

Workshops will be held on March 28 and April 3 at Bally's in Bellevue. The non-mandatory workshops are designed to help applicants prepare for the audition process and led by Sea Gals director Sherri Thompson and Shannon Kingsley, assistant choreographer.

The Sea Gals balance a busy schedule of practicing, performing and making more than 300 public appearances in the community throughout the year. The squad has also traveled to Hawaii, Japan, China, Mexico, and Europe to perform. This year 11 members traveled to Guam, Japan, and Hawaii for 14 days on a goodwill trip to visit US Military bases.

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