Seahawks fans share their ink

Posted Nov 20, 2012

We recently asked Seahawks fans to submit photos of their Seahawks-themed tattoos to our website. Today, we feature some of those submissions from Derek Garcia of Kennewick, Wash. and Robert Pearson of Richland, Wash.

Derek Garcia – (Tattoo pictured left above)

Garcia, a long-time Seahawks fan from Kennewick, Wash., had always wanted a Seahawks tattoo. Luckily for Garcia, his brother-in-law J.D. works as a tattoo artist at Kennewick’s Self Expressions Body Art Studio, and offered an easy-in.

“I jumped at the opportunity to finally get the Seahawks tattoo I have always wanted,” Garcia said when asked about the story behind his tattoo. “I knew I wanted a nice font and the logo with the current colors.”

The font came first – in June of this year, then Garcia added the logo and shading in August.

“I fell in love with the font,” said Garcia. “Something about it just caught my eye.”

After Garcia finished adding the “Seahawks” font someone suggested he add the new Seahawks logo behind the lettering. But his brother-in-law J.D. had a different vision.

“[J.D.] decided that I should get the logo on top of the letters, so that it doesn’t take away from anything,” Garcia said.

Now, equipped with a Seahawks logo and lettering on his right forearm, Garcia said he hopes to incorporate the Seattle skyline and the 12th Man flag into his tattoo at some point, and perhaps even add the 12-feather design that is featured on the new uniforms.

“I love the Seahawks and what they represent,” he said. “They are an inspiration to me and I want to show my pride in my team and show that I am a 12th Man forever no matter what. Go Hawks!”

Robert Pearson  - (Tattoo pictured right above)

Pearson, a native of Richland, Wash., has been a Seahawks fan since he was a kid growing up in the 1980’s. His passion for the club took off around 1996-97 while in the Navy and stationed in Everett, Wash.

Pearson had his tattoo done in January of this year as a Christmas present from his wife, Sarah, who he describes as a big fan, too. The tattoo was crafted by Pearson’s close friend Jesse Walsh, an artist at Asylum Tattoo in Pasco, Wash.

Pearson said he has always liked the idea of tattoos, but said if he was to get one it would have to be something meaningful to him, and something he could live with for the rest of his life.

“I’d wanted a Seahawks tattoo for quite a while,” said Pearson. “My love of the Seahawks is something that has always meant a lot to me.”

But Pearson wanted something different.

“I didn’t exactly want the team logo,” he said. “I wanted something different. I wanted something that represented the Seahawks, but more subtle. The original logo was based off of Northwest tribal art, which is one of my favorite types of art, and favorite styles of tattoos.”

Pearson said he came across the image online several years ago, modified the color to fit the Seahawks color scheme, and modified the lines for tattooing.

And like Garcia, whose tattoo we detailed above, Pearson would like to add to his Seahawks-themed piece of art in the future, hoping to incorporate a “12” to symbolize the spirit of the 12th Man, and the new feather design seen on the new Seahawks uniforms.

Thank you to all Seahawks fans who submitted photos of your Seahawks-themed tattoos! You can view all of our submissions and upload a photo of your own by checking out the widget below.


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