Seahawks introduce new mascot 'BOOM' as official sidekick to Blitz

Posted Sep 21, 2014

The Seahawks unveiled a second mascot during halftime of Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos at CenturyLink Field.

Two birds, one team.

That's the way the Seahawks will roll after the club welcomed new mascot "BOOM" at a special halftime presentation during today's game against the Denver Broncos at CenturyLink Field. 

BOOM, who according to a release issued by the team "hitched a ride in Blitz's time machine" to find his way to Seattle, has requested to serve as the "official sidekick" to Blitz, who received a new look to coincide with BOOM's unveiling.  

Fans can expect to see BOOM at a majority of the Seahawks' family-friendly events, in Touchdown City on gameday, and roaming the stadium's concourse when the game kicks off. The team's new bird will also make appearances at local schools, hospitals, Generation 12 Kids Club events, and more.


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